Classic black and white have come back in this winter


From the New Look that Dior launched in the 1940 s to Coco Chanel’s lifetime love – the little black dress, we can see that black has elevated status in the fashion world. The dream lovers for countless people, must be a girl in white dress or a boy in clean white t-shirt. The reason why I would prefer black and white is that: only black and white can include all colors, they the eternal and classic colors. Besides, almost all of the people who focus on fashion know that there is white once the spring and summer come, and black come back when the autumn and winter come.

The famous fashion designer Marc Jacobs, who has done great contribution to the brand charm and fashion influence of LV, chose black as the main color of his 2014 spring/summer goodbye show for LV. This a good bye show, but all of the black clothes appeared did not show any feeling of sadness. Jacobs used this show to pay his respects to all women who have moved or influenced him, including Coco Chanel、Miuccia Prada and Rei Kawakubo.

The London 2014 spring and summer fashion week has passed, from the media, fashion commentator and fashion bloggers’ bombing type of report, it is not hard to find that the clothes that won countless eyeballs are usually pure white and black. The really impressed me most are the new designer Meadham Kirchhoff’s works: the white baby-doll dress with black neck, Chanel punk style vintage suit and spaghetti straps dress with handmade embroidery.

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Gorgeous fur clothing on 2013 Autumn/winter haute couture show


Fur has always been the symbol of luxury and noble, the haute couture would never miss any elements that show luxury. The fur in this year’s haute couture is extremely luxury and charming. Famous brands like Alexandre Vauthier、Armani Prive 、Jean Paul Gaultier、Christophe Josse、Eric Tibusch, all adapted fur elements. Different designs show the charm of the fur clothes to an extreme, noble and luxury!

The Alexandre Vauthier 2013 autumn/winter haute couture used white and black as their dominant tone, the designers add some irregular designs, deep V-Neck, high slit and perspective elements to the clothes and focus the eyes of the audience on the beast, bottom and upper leg of woman, scantily-clad but not go to vulgar, very sexy and elegant.


Armani Prive 2013 autumn/winter haute couture said goodbye to the attempt of future feeling and the reference to the multiple cultures, the 2013 series return to the land series. The fur on autumn/winter show is amazing, luxury!


The Christophe Josse 2013 autumn/winter series was inspired from the style of dressing in Urals in Russia, the fur clothes on Christophe Josse 2013 show brought us back to the Tsarist Russia period when the most important thing for women is dressing. Hanging bead, divided skirts, robes and other elements all full of Ural amorous feelings.



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Matching skills for girls who have stubby legs


The autumn comes, girls who are not satisfied with their legs would not worry about their legs as in summer, they have many more choices in autumn compared with summer. Here are some very practical collocations for you. I hope that this will help you find your style of dressing.

Knitwear and jeans: knitwear with batwing sleeves is very cool and fashion, especially suit for girls who have plump upper body, the loose batwing sleeves can perfectly hide the fat on your arms and tummy. Close-fitting and elastic jeans are very useful to embellish the outline of your legs. About the shoes, if you are in your working place, you can wear a pair of pointed high-heeled shoes, if you are shopping on the street, you can wear a pair of sneaker.


Pencil pants and long plaid shirt: if the upper of your body is normal (the so-called ‘pear shape’), you just want to hide the fat on the bottom and legs, you can choose a long plaid shirt and a pencil pants.


The autumn can be very cold sometimes, so if you want to keep warm and beautiful, an coat is very important. You’d better choose a long coat, woolen overcoat and fur coats are very good. You can match the coat with a pair of high boots and jeans. Wow, you look so elegant and sexy.


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Fashion Advice For Sexy Child women


The end of the year again, annual dinner and all kinds of gatherings will come subsequently , for the office ladies, how to dress appropriately  and attractively has become their biggest worry. What kind of winter clothes can help you to make a good impression to colleagues, and let you become the focus of the dinner? Well, actually, you have many choices.

I know that there are a lot of girls love to wear dress like me in winter, for those girl who have this favor, I strongly recommend you to wear a close-fitting wool dress. In winter, all kinds of coats are filled with people’s horizon, it is time to change the fresh visual occasionally. Usually we choose dark colors for our winter clothes, but you can choose some candy colors for your close-fitting dresses to add sweet feeling to you. Dress is not exclusive with coat, of course, they are the perfect partner.


About the shoes, jackboots are the best choice for sexy child women, jackboot can perfectly build your leg ministry line, keeps you warm and sexy in the winter. The collocation of jackboots and close-fitting dress is very harmonious.


Among all the winter clothes, fur clothes are the most luxury and elegant undoubtedly. Fur is the softest dream of all women. Wearing a fur coat may be a little ostentatious in your daily work, but a fur coat in such gatherings is best choice. If you are conservative, you may choose a black fur coat, black is the safest color, is a all-match color. If you are very vivacious, you might as well choose colorized fur coats. The colors of the fur clothes are getting richer and richer with the improvement of dyeing technology. Rabbit fur clothes are very good choices, rabbit fur is very soft and not that ostentatious as mink fur and fox fur. VogueQueen rabbit fur style is very suit for those who want to try fur products.



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Be A Sweet Lady In Winter!



Every winter arrival did not let me give up my preference for the bright color, I like bright color, it’s beautiful and give a person warm sense! Warm color department is a kind of lively color, bright color is everywhere, it can be the spring warm sunshine, can be fresh orange juice on the table, it can also be a garment on hanger, but they all have a very common point, which is that it’s able to bring a good mood. The beauty of these bright color clothes make us as if return to the childhood. But you don’t have to worry that you are too childish. Let’s become sweet ladies in this winter, being the heroine in this great idea!

Every girl want her to look elegant and graceful, but not every lady has a very good figure. A born beauty, after all, is a few, let alone in the cold winter, how many good figure are hidden in the thick coats. So how can you keep warm and  wear a slim feeling is the problem of a lot of girls, a fit outfit is important. Coats that can cultivate your morality or come with belt are preferred. If it is lace-up paragraph coat, it is beautiful in long, their slim version will help you show a good figure.
Collarless Half Sleeve Mid Length Rabbit Fur Coat With Sash

Light camel, pronoun of intellectual, elegant, quiet and low-key. This dress shows design feeling in every detail places, the unique design of the collar, unlike the average small stand collar, has more agile atmosphere. With fur decorated in collar, cuff and shirt, this coat is more elegant and luxury. You will become a luxury and elegant lady in secnds.

Slim Fit Long Style Turndown Collar Faux Fur Coat

Preppy style is also a very good choice. Contracted but not simple, come with more vitality. If you want to show your youth and vigor, preppy style coats are very good choice for you. In the winter, when you and your friends go shopping, it is the most suitable clothes.

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Guidelines On How To Dress For Winter Weather



Winter is coming, warm is a primary consideration of people’s daily dress, but it is not the only factor. How to dress to keep both warm and fashionable? Now follow me to have a look at those fashion icons’ street snaps and see how they can keep both fashion and warm!

Wool coat is one of the most practical coats in autumn and winter, it can keep you away from the wind and cold. A wool coat with loose clipping and simple but elegant color can match with jeans, leather pants, shorts, skirts and so on, it’s simple and fashion, I can also match with thick line scarf, warm and generous at the same time.

Wool coat

The collocation of distressed cowboy coat and plaid foot trousers, a retro feeling, break the boring of autumn and winter, makes you appear individual character. Furry coat lining make you feel very warm and comfortable in cold winter. If you love something casual, you can try a cowboy coat, it’s a really hot street fashion.

cowboy coat

How can we not mention fur when talked about warm and stylish winter coats! In freezing days, nothing than fur can make you feel warm. As indispensable fashion elements, a fur coats are must buy clothes. The luxury fur coats can raise your noble temperament in seconds, if you worry that a whole piece of fur coat will appear old mannish, you can choose splicing fur coat and leather pants, you will look so cool!

Rabbit Fur With Raccoon Fur Collar 3/4 Sleeve Party/ Evening Fur Coat

In our inherent impression, winter is a season belong to dark colors, however, you can still wear some bright colors to high light your whole winter look. A sweater with bight colors is a very good choice. It will not only make you feel warm but also make you very eye-catching.


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Fashion Fur Collocations In Winter

Fur is beautiful and have good cold hardiness, its fluffy texture and luxury style make women more elegant and fashionable, but a lot of girls generally take fur as luxury as diamond, also give the feeling of not appropriate age to those girls who love pure and fresh style, actually fur harness is not so difficult, fur, if build opportunely can also wear a lovely sweet style. The most popular fur collocations are the following kinds.

1, Fur and jeans: in not very cold days, just add some fur adornment for cuffs of the cowboy coat, can give a person the feeling of warm but not hot, I suggest that you can take a the package with fur element to match with the whole body dress collocation.


2, Fur vest and overcoat: in cold winter day, adding a fur waistcoat in your dress is not only very warm but also can let you get rid of the thickness of coat indoors. Fluffy sheet is tasted, also win a girl’s heart. Take a look at the fur vest that I recomend to you.

Long Style Slim Fit Fox Fur Collar Mink Fur Vest

3, Fur and snow boots: fur and snow boots are like two little sisters in the fashion family, at ordinary times we don’t see them, but once in winter, they appear alternately or together, actually fur and snow boots, are two essential parts of the winter fashion , these two fashion clothes matched together, gives people he feeling of sweet and luxury.

Snow boot

4, The collocation of fur shawls, loose and comfortable fur shawls are casual and carefree, the collocation of wintry day significantly inside take a lace T-shirt, with fur shawls to tailor the elegant and the city of sweet little lady snowboarding progresses.

Elegant Luxurious Short Turndown Collar Faux Fur Stole

Fur are used to be sold  in some shopping malls, due to the high price, we won’t even enter the store, but now with the popularity of online shopping, it is real fur from high-end positioning to the mass consumer consumption, buying a high quality affordable fur from the Internet is no longer a dream. With the development of e-commerce, fur is no longer the patent of nobility, nowadays, fur slowly comes with common breath, as a kind of fashion, a quality of life gradually entered the ordinary family. Through the network, you can more easily, conveniently and fast to browse the latest most popular fur, and you can compare the different stores price of fur clothes. Voguequeen is a reliable online shop, all kinds of real and faux fur clothes, cost-effective and fashion! What’s more, you can also find fur cothes on very famous online shop like westfield, click

Warm Accessories In Winter

Do not think that choosing a good warm winter coat can keep fashion once and for all? Warm accessories are the key to victory! As well as the designers, they should not only take care of the garment design but also the collocation details of each parts exquisite perfection, measuring tie-in appropriate is perfect! In recent years when vintage style is very popular, fedora hat, fur collar, shaped sunglasses, color matching gloves, any of these accessories can absolutely let you become the focus of attention.

Fur hat
The popularity of fur hats which only nomadic people would own is still continued. This season, it is especially smartly alone appeared in the people’s horizons, no longer splicing with leather or other elements, let a person can feel absolutely warm from the vision. However, as a modern environmentalists, imitation fur fashion, warm and parity, is the best choice!

Peaked cap
Nifty neutral style is still popular in this season, whether Ermanno Scervino leather equestrian cap, or high street brand Topshop cap, all come with a natural and unrestrained sense of humorous. Sports sweater with round profile shoulder matched with baseball peaked cap, so fashion, it’s the hottest look in streets.

Fur collar
In the era of the restoration of the high-necked unlined upper garment, thick warm scarf is not as popular as the past, the most popular fashion sheet is fur collar. When you wear a luxury fur collar around your neck, the fur collar will not only protect your neck, but also makes you noble and fashionable.

Keep in mind that if you choose a furry hat or a fur collar, you should avoid to wear coats that are made of large area of fur. But that not means that you can’t wear fur coat if you wear a fur hat or a fur colloar. You can wear fur coats that not very hairy. To match with equestrian cap, you can choose a black fur coat, very low-key.

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The Fashion in Winter

Fur is very popular in every year’s winter. Look at the collocations of super models or fashion icons, you can always find fur coats or fur elements. They all love to use fur elements to show powerful aura and luxury sense. How to match with a fur coat o make you look fashion but not bloated? Let’s come and see supermodel and fashion icon’s demonstration!!!!

During the cold winter, if you are not willing to be wrapped around by all kinds of bloated coats like dumplings, and want to get rid of this embarrassing situation, you can learn lessons from the supermodels. You can put on leather coat with wind resistance and then wear a fur vest at the same time, if you care about the design of modelling, you can also use shawls, beautiful and don’t have to worry about the cold weather.

Winter always makes us fell dark and gloomy, why not add some bright colors to your dress and make you feel happy. Hot pink shirt dress matched with navy fur enough to make you become the focus of attention. With a brown belt of colorific administrative levels feeling, felt hat and handbag with mere neutral grey, balance the color saturation.

This colorful color vest, reuse desultorily, making casual fur more uninhibited. There is a street style when matched with cool leather jacket, and then put on exaggerated accessory to relieve against this free street collocation.

Look at Chinese supermodel Qin Shupei, she is wearing a black coat, very worth reference! The Wide leg horn trousers is the most effective tools for slender, making you tall and straight, one of the necessary fashion iterms. Minimalism is joker black top. The bunt leather coat or jacket can easily show a good body shape, agile and concise. A fur scarf is both warm and let the aura up immediately.

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Vintage Style, Eternal Classic!

There are really a lot of designs in the women’s clothing design, whatever kind of design, I’m quite sure that more and more different designs will appear in the future. Today we will talk about vintage design of fur coats, let’s see what it brings us a kind of charm, how wonderful!

We always said that restore ancient ways is a classic, actually this statement is quite right , retro charm reflect classic in a certain aspect, take a look at this classic fur coat, full of classic charm, it should be perfect if you wear this coat too.
Vogue Queen Fur Coats

Though it’s not that cold for people who live in the north of the earth to wear fur, but never mind, we should know that we must prepare well before we really need such fur coats. Look at this cute lady, this blue vintage fur coat is so charming! The smiling face shows her loving personality and the beautiful fur coat also made great contribution to improve her temperament. She matched a black overskirt with this coat, very cute but very sexy at the same time.

Wearing fur can let a person feel relaxed, the body feel comfortable all the time, look at this fur coat, completely covered with fox fur, you can imagine how warm it is if you put it on, the model of this fur coat is unique, and the most important thing is this fur will flatter your body shape, and also make you more spirit.

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