Fur is very popular in every year’s winter. Look at the collocations of super models or fashion icons, you can always find fur coats or fur elements. They all love to use fur elements to show powerful aura and luxury sense. How to match with a fur coat o make you look fashion but not bloated? Let’s come and see supermodel and fashion icon’s demonstration!!!!

During the cold winter, if you are not willing to be wrapped around by all kinds of bloated coats like dumplings, and want to get rid of this embarrassing situation, you can learn lessons from the supermodels. You can put on leather coat with wind resistance and then wear a fur vest at the same time, if you care about the design of modelling, you can also use shawls, beautiful and don’t have to worry about the cold weather.

Winter always makes us fell dark and gloomy, why not add some bright colors to your dress and make you feel happy. Hot pink shirt dress matched with navy fur enough to make you become the focus of attention. With a brown belt of colorific administrative levels feeling, felt hat and handbag with mere neutral grey, balance the color saturation.

This colorful color vest, reuse desultorily, making casual fur more uninhibited. There is a street style when matched with cool leather jacket, and then put on exaggerated accessory to relieve against this free street collocation.

Look at Chinese supermodel Qin Shupei, she is wearing a black coat, very worth reference! The Wide leg horn trousers is the most effective tools for slender, making you tall and straight, one of the necessary fashion iterms. Minimalism is joker black top. The bunt leather coat or jacket can easily show a good body shape, agile and concise. A fur scarf is both warm and let the aura up immediately.

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