Fur is beautiful and have good cold hardiness, its fluffy texture and luxury style make women more elegant and fashionable, but a lot of girls generally take fur as luxury as diamond, also give the feeling of not appropriate age to those girls who love pure and fresh style, actually fur harness is not so difficult, fur, if build opportunely can also wear a lovely sweet style. The most popular fur collocations are the following kinds.

1, Fur and jeans: in not very cold days, just add some fur adornment for cuffs of the cowboy coat, can give a person the feeling of warm but not hot, I suggest that you can take a the package with fur element to match with the whole body dress collocation.


2, Fur vest and overcoat: in cold winter day, adding a fur waistcoat in your dress is not only very warm but also can let you get rid of the thickness of coat indoors. Fluffy sheet is tasted, also win a girl’s heart. Take a look at the fur vest that I recomend to you.

Long Style Slim Fit Fox Fur Collar Mink Fur Vest

3, Fur and snow boots: fur and snow boots are like two little sisters in the fashion family, at ordinary times we don’t see them, but once in winter, they appear alternately or together, actually fur and snow boots, are two essential parts of the winter fashion , these two fashion clothes matched together, gives people he feeling of sweet and luxury.

Snow boot

4, The collocation of fur shawls, loose and comfortable fur shawls are casual and carefree, the collocation of wintry day significantly inside take a lace T-shirt, with fur shawls to tailor the elegant and the city of sweet little lady snowboarding progresses.

Elegant Luxurious Short Turndown Collar Faux Fur Stole

Fur are used to be sold  in some shopping malls, due to the high price, we won’t even enter the store, but now with the popularity of online shopping, it is real fur from high-end positioning to the mass consumer consumption, buying a high quality affordable fur from the Internet is no longer a dream. With the development of e-commerce, fur is no longer the patent of nobility, nowadays, fur slowly comes with common breath, as a kind of fashion, a quality of life gradually entered the ordinary family. Through the network, you can more easily, conveniently and fast to browse the latest most popular fur, and you can compare the different stores price of fur clothes. Voguequeen is a reliable online shop, all kinds of real and faux fur clothes, cost-effective and fashion! What’s more, you can also find fur cothes on very famous online shop like westfield, click http://www.westfield.com.au/au/