Every winter arrival did not let me give up my preference for the bright color, I like bright color, it’s beautiful and give a person warm sense! Warm color department is a kind of lively color, bright color is everywhere, it can be the spring warm sunshine, can be fresh orange juice on the table, it can also be a garment on hanger, but they all have a very common point, which is that it’s able to bring a good mood. The beauty of these bright color clothes make us as if return to the childhood. But you don’t have to worry that you are too childish. Let’s become sweet ladies in this winter, being the heroine in this great idea!

Every girl want her to look elegant and graceful, but not every lady has a very good figure. A born beauty, after all, is a few, let alone in the cold winter, how many good figure are hidden in the thick coats. So how can you keep warm and  wear a slim feeling is the problem of a lot of girls, a fit outfit is important. Coats that can cultivate your morality or come with belt are preferred. If it is lace-up paragraph coat, it is beautiful in long, their slim version will help you show a good figure.
Collarless Half Sleeve Mid Length Rabbit Fur Coat With Sash

Light camel, pronoun of intellectual, elegant, quiet and low-key. This dress shows design feeling in every detail places, the unique design of the collar, unlike the average small stand collar, has more agile atmosphere. With fur decorated in collar, cuff and shirt, this coat is more elegant and luxury. You will become a luxury and elegant lady in secnds.

Slim Fit Long Style Turndown Collar Faux Fur Coat

Preppy style is also a very good choice. Contracted but not simple, come with more vitality. If you want to show your youth and vigor, preppy style coats are very good choice for you. In the winter, when you and your friends go shopping, it is the most suitable clothes.

About the fabrics, wool and fur are absolutely the best choice in winter. Fur is especially hot in this season. Real fur products by voguequeen are really cost effective, there are also many faux fur products on voguequeen for you to choose if you don’t like real fur. For more winter  fashion clothes, you can visit at http://www.anntaylor.com/