The end of the year again, annual dinner and all kinds of gatherings will come subsequently , for the office ladies, how to dress appropriately  and attractively has become their biggest worry. What kind of winter clothes can help you to make a good impression to colleagues, and let you become the focus of the dinner? Well, actually, you have many choices.

I know that there are a lot of girls love to wear dress like me in winter, for those girl who have this favor, I strongly recommend you to wear a close-fitting wool dress. In winter, all kinds of coats are filled with people’s horizon, it is time to change the fresh visual occasionally. Usually we choose dark colors for our winter clothes, but you can choose some candy colors for your close-fitting dresses to add sweet feeling to you. Dress is not exclusive with coat, of course, they are the perfect partner.


About the shoes, jackboots are the best choice for sexy child women, jackboot can perfectly build your leg ministry line, keeps you warm and sexy in the winter. The collocation of jackboots and close-fitting dress is very harmonious.


Among all the winter clothes, fur clothes are the most luxury and elegant undoubtedly. Fur is the softest dream of all women. Wearing a fur coat may be a little ostentatious in your daily work, but a fur coat in such gatherings is best choice. If you are conservative, you may choose a black fur coat, black is the safest color, is a all-match color. If you are very vivacious, you might as well choose colorized fur coats. The colors of the fur clothes are getting richer and richer with the improvement of dyeing technology. Rabbit fur clothes are very good choices, rabbit fur is very soft and not that ostentatious as mink fur and fox fur. VogueQueen rabbit fur style is very suit for those who want to try fur products.



How do you like these clothes that I recomended to you? The figure and temperament of each woman are different, you should choose what you wear per your own characteristics. After all, it’s best only when it fits you. For more fashion products for women, you can search at NET-A-PORTER.COM