The autumn comes, girls who are not satisfied with their legs would not worry about their legs as in summer, they have many more choices in autumn compared with summer. Here are some very practical collocations for you. I hope that this will help you find your style of dressing.

Knitwear and jeans: knitwear with batwing sleeves is very cool and fashion, especially suit for girls who have plump upper body, the loose batwing sleeves can perfectly hide the fat on your arms and tummy. Close-fitting and elastic jeans are very useful to embellish the outline of your legs. About the shoes, if you are in your working place, you can wear a pair of pointed high-heeled shoes, if you are shopping on the street, you can wear a pair of sneaker.


Pencil pants and long plaid shirt: if the upper of your body is normal (the so-called ‘pear shape’), you just want to hide the fat on the bottom and legs, you can choose a long plaid shirt and a pencil pants.


The autumn can be very cold sometimes, so if you want to keep warm and beautiful, an coat is very important. You’d better choose a long coat, woolen overcoat and fur coats are very good. You can match the coat with a pair of high boots and jeans. Wow, you look so elegant and sexy.


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