Fur has always been the symbol of luxury and noble, the haute couture would never miss any elements that show luxury. The fur in this year’s haute couture is extremely luxury and charming. Famous brands like Alexandre Vauthier、Armani Prive 、Jean Paul Gaultier、Christophe Josse、Eric Tibusch, all adapted fur elements. Different designs show the charm of the fur clothes to an extreme, noble and luxury!

The Alexandre Vauthier 2013 autumn/winter haute couture used white and black as their dominant tone, the designers add some irregular designs, deep V-Neck, high slit and perspective elements to the clothes and focus the eyes of the audience on the beast, bottom and upper leg of woman, scantily-clad but not go to vulgar, very sexy and elegant.


Armani Prive 2013 autumn/winter haute couture said goodbye to the attempt of future feeling and the reference to the multiple cultures, the 2013 series return to the land series. The fur on autumn/winter show is amazing, luxury!


The Christophe Josse 2013 autumn/winter series was inspired from the style of dressing in Urals in Russia, the fur clothes on Christophe Josse 2013 show brought us back to the Tsarist Russia period when the most important thing for women is dressing. Hanging bead, divided skirts, robes and other elements all full of Ural amorous feelings.



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