From the New Look that Dior launched in the 1940 s to Coco Chanel’s lifetime love – the little black dress, we can see that black has elevated status in the fashion world. The dream lovers for countless people, must be a girl in white dress or a boy in clean white t-shirt. The reason why I would prefer black and white is that: only black and white can include all colors, they the eternal and classic colors. Besides, almost all of the people who focus on fashion know that there is white once the spring and summer come, and black come back when the autumn and winter come.

The famous fashion designer Marc Jacobs, who has done great contribution to the brand charm and fashion influence of LV, chose black as the main color of his 2014 spring/summer goodbye show for LV. This a good bye show, but all of the black clothes appeared did not show any feeling of sadness. Jacobs used this show to pay his respects to all women who have moved or influenced him, including Coco Chanel、Miuccia Prada and Rei Kawakubo.

The London 2014 spring and summer fashion week has passed, from the media, fashion commentator and fashion bloggers’ bombing type of report, it is not hard to find that the clothes that won countless eyeballs are usually pure white and black. The really impressed me most are the new designer Meadham Kirchhoff’s works: the white baby-doll dress with black neck, Chanel punk style vintage suit and spaghetti straps dress with handmade embroidery.

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