Office Lady Fur Looks in Winter

Want to build the attractive OL look, costly feeling is necessary. And what elements can create most costly dress up? Of course, the answer is fur. Fur cutting with its unique material and design, let a female have high aura, and very have feminine taste at the same time, so elegant and atmospheric fur, what are you still hesitate?

Fashion analytic: there are a lot of fur wearing methods, fur can not only use as the leading role of whole body clothes, match with the pants outfit and tie-in simple dress, give a person the feeling of fashionable and spell able. Also can be used as a supporting role, and the dresses are a good match, have the effect of icing on the cake.

Analytic: the fur coat is the focus, this beautiful fur coat uses the design of a brief paragraph, very suitable for the women who is not that tall, can highlight body in combination with a very tight pants, a pair of beautiful high-heeled shoes, carry on a this year’s big heat bags, such you, certainly can become the focus of the office!

Fashion analytic: will also take fur coat as a focal point of the whole dress, match with water blue shirt and leather pants, deserve to go up again a nice belt, with a pair of vibrant red high-heeled shoes, the whole outfit in the elegant atmosphere at the same time, and give a person feel more energy and vitality.

Stitching design is absolutely the centerpiece of all kinds of apparel design this year, fur, of course, is no exception, the stitching design of fur will not be too highlighted as all whole fur clothing, but also maintain elegant feeling of fur, personality and beautiful at the same time.

All of the above fur products are famous brand like Gucci and Channel, if you are not rich enough to buy these bands, you can search for other parity brand or search for discounted clothing on line, you will also find many beautiful fur products. There are many famous discount websites, is a good choice.

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Fur, not just luxury

I do not know from which time fur was known as “soft gold”, its elegant occupy a position in the world of fashion and last forever. In ancient times when people live the life of a savage , hide, the predecessor of fur is the symbol of a survival ability, but now its luxurious atmosphere, was always considered a luxury and the performance of vanity. Little imagine fur more than just a luxury, it can also be nifty and lovely, intellectual, elegant. Women love to dress,as much as the love of men love the game , men love the game because of competition, the passion, woman loves clothes because of various temptations. And put the same clothes, wear a different taste and tireless pursuit of women, so when do you think the fur is costly, you will find that the fur for some women is charming elegant intellectual…

1.Orange is the color of the most brilliant in candy colors, young, beautiful and lively, has the exquisite free and easy, have a good happy mood, can break the heaviness of the winter most probably. You will look very cute and full of juice in the dark winter!
fashion fur
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2.There is a little princess dream in pink, gentle like fantasy, but real feeling. Lovely acme lantern sleeve, Korea design dolls loose unlined upper garment design, there is a surprisingly big hat, give you is not only a leisure, but also an unrealized dream of your childhood.
Vogue queen
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3.Vest is the best choice when fold wear, refused to bloated, refused to cold, and had a carefree youth fashion sense. The modelling of free and easy is permeated with little woman’s state of mind, with raccoon fur collars convergence, the folds of the skirt, added how much lovely nifty.
Cheap fur coats
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Have you got a fur coat in your closet? Hurry! It’s time to buy fur, since It’s not that cold fur products are usually very cheap if you buy fur at this time. Search for cheap fur coats at, you will find you satisfied fur coat.

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